Why Securus Technologies Has Become an Invaluable Resource in Prison

My job inside our state prison is more dangerous this year than ever before. I remember back when we could actually interact with inmates and carry on intelligent conversations, but today things have certainly gotten more dangerous. There isn’t a day that goes by where we aren’t talking about another assault on an officer by one of the inmates. To try to get back some degree of order in the jail, we need to stay vigilant and make use of every resource that is afforded to us.


These days we perform a number of things to maintain peace, one being surprise cell inspections at different times of the day to try and curb the flow of drugs or weapons from getting to the other inmates. There are days we put a heavy presence in the visitor center so none of the guests can willingly or unwillingly get something into the hands of those inmates. Things like pens, toothbrushes, and even floss can be used as a weapon by inmates.


When Securus Technologies was asked to showcase their call monitoring system, my entire team was excited about the thought of having a resource that monitored inmates more thoroughly than we ever could. Securus Technologies has their inmate telephone call monitoring system already in many thousand jails all over the country, and now we were in line for getting the new LBS software. The software scans calls by the inmates and can alert us when any conversations need a more closer listen.


Since getting the system in our jail, we have made some incredible discoveries. We were able to locate where inmates were hiding weapons in the yard. We found out how prescription drugs were getting in the cells, and put a quick stop to it before they were sold throughout the facility to other inmates.


Securus Excels in a Challenging Industry

In the field of inmate communications technology, Securus Technologies leads the path as an innovative, reliable firm. They serve over one million inmates in over two thousand correctional facilities across North America and have demonstrated themselves to be a competitive global company.


Unlike other companies, Securus focuses its expertise in one area: the specialized correctional field. This industry has unique security and regulatory requirements, and Securus is able to use its decades of experience to meet those needs across the board.


Securus customers praise the company for their innovation that manages to retain tried and true security principles. Their communications systems have been responsible for the discovery and removal of contraband and the prevention of other violent and non-violent crimes.


Without Securus, inmates would find it far more challenging to stay in touch with loved ones and maintain those connections that are crucial to successful re-entry. Securus’ communications systems provide a managed way for correctional administrators and inmates to track available call time and usage, and inmates can add minutes and manage their accounts conveniently.


The prison industry is one that is only likely to continue growing, and Securus Technologies has the expertise to grow along with the industry. Since 1986, they have provided inmate communications solutions, and they appear prepared to continue to drive technological innovations in this demanding field.


Securus Technologies Provides Accurate Information after GTL Inaccuracies

Securus Technologies is among the companies that lead in the provision of technological solutions for public safety, corrections, investigation, and monitoring. Securus Technologies released several correction statements to various press releases that were made public by Global Tel Link. Securus Technologies terms the publication of the Global Tel Link’s as inaccurate and misleading. Securus Technologies’ press release aims at providing clarification and correcting information on several Global Tel Link’s claims.


The GTL stated that the decision made by the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board on GTL’s US patent No. 7,256, 816 gives permission GTL to go ahead with a fourth validated patent to pursue injunctions and damages against Securus in awaiting violation lawsuits in Texas federal court. On the other hand, Securus corrects this claim made by GTL by stating that GTL will not be in a position to pursue claims that they have stated because of the case in Texas in currently stayed, instead they will now move ahead to the District court. In regards to the 816 patent as well as the other patent Securus is moving for the hearing, patent No. 816 has neither been accepted nor GTL is in a position to seek damages or injunction that it has claimed.


Consequently GTL made claims that the PTAB approved all 55 claims of the 816 patent that seeks to protect the GTL video visitation monitoring technology a crucial security characteristic that gives corrections employees to monitor video visitation between the inmates and their friends and family members and a technology that is required in all U.S. jails and prisons that make use of the video visitation technology. These claims made by GTL are totally inaccurate, this is because GTL is only asserting a single independent claim and a bigger number of dependent 816 patent’s claims in its lawsuit with Securus. Securus Technologies is assertive on the fact that it doesn’t apply claimed fundamental security feature revealed by that one independent claim.