Paul Mampilly Shares His Investment Secrets

Paul Mampilly, sometimes known as the poster boy of Wall Street is a famous American Investor, Entrepreneur and former hedge fund manager. Today he manages the world’s fastest growing investment newsletter with over 90,000 subscribers and growing each and every day. After having experienced substantial success in his own practices, he is looking to share his knowledge with the next generation of investors, ensuring that success isn’t isolated to the few people that can afford the most expensive hedge fund managers.

Paul Mampilly initially rose to fame by winning the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition. By turning 50 million into 88 million, the of Return of over 75% and best of the field. From there he went on to gain more experience managing his own hedge fund and guiding his own investments to a substantial gain. This experience has served him well in investing and now he would like to share this information with the world. This is why he joined up with Banyan Hill Publishing and began writing his newsletters.

He is the senior editor of three Publications provided by Banyan Hill Publishing, “Profits Unlimited”, “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum”. The strategies contained within these guards are varied and different and fit three unique levels of risk tolerance.

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Profits Unlimited is the Baseline newsletter that showcases investments that are in a position to go higher. The strategy often involves stable blue chips that are expensive but a potential for quick growth.

True momentum is the newsletter that follows Paul Mampilly’s personal investment strategy. With a moderate level of risk, 100% annual returns are possible and last year this newsletter was the strategy Paul use personally to see a return of over 300%.

Finally, we have extreme fortunes. According to research, about 43 stocks will increase by 1000% or more. These are smaller companies much higher investment risk involved; finding these hidden gems and investing while they are young can have unheard-of results which only serve to compound gains further as faith in the business increases.

The best part about Paul and his publisher is that all contributors are required to provide some amount of free content on the website. Readers can see us proven history and track record for themselves, as well as getting a free sample of the kind of advice Paul Mampilly has to offer from his subscription newsletters. This way users are free to verified all the claims that he has made and compare it to his ongoing success.

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