Why Securus Technologies Has Become an Invaluable Resource in Prison

My job inside our state prison is more dangerous this year than ever before. I remember back when we could actually interact with inmates and carry on intelligent conversations, but today things have certainly gotten more dangerous. There isn’t a day that goes by where we aren’t talking about another assault on an officer by one of the inmates. To try to get back some degree of order in the jail, we need to stay vigilant and make use of every resource that is afforded to us.


These days we perform a number of things to maintain peace, one being surprise cell inspections at different times of the day to try and curb the flow of drugs or weapons from getting to the other inmates. There are days we put a heavy presence in the visitor center so none of the guests can willingly or unwillingly get something into the hands of those inmates. Things like pens, toothbrushes, and even floss can be used as a weapon by inmates.


When Securus Technologies was asked to showcase their call monitoring system, my entire team was excited about the thought of having a resource that monitored inmates more thoroughly than we ever could. Securus Technologies has their inmate telephone call monitoring system already in many thousand jails all over the country, and now we were in line for getting the new LBS software. The software scans calls by the inmates and can alert us when any conversations need a more closer listen.


Since getting the system in our jail, we have made some incredible discoveries. We were able to locate where inmates were hiding weapons in the yard. We found out how prescription drugs were getting in the cells, and put a quick stop to it before they were sold throughout the facility to other inmates.


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