The Advantages Of Selecting The Traveling Vineyard As A Direct Selling Business

The Traveling Vineyard’s business model is similar to other direct selling companies in that men and women have the opportunity to demonstrate and then sell products at an in-home demonstration, however, there are differences that distinguish the Traveling Vineyard as as a superior option.

First, Wine Guides for the Traveling Vineyard don’t have to store inventory, they only need a tasting kit needed for in-home tasting parties. In the beginning, consultants buy a Success Kit, which contains everything for two demonstrations, including ten bottles of wine, tasting glasses, a Sommology Kit and a carrier, however, except for tasting bottles, Wine Guides do not stock inventory. Secondly, independent consultants for the Traveling Vineyard do not have to deliver wine purchases to their customers, the company handles the shipping. Unlike with other direct selling products, Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides do not have to spend time arranging to deliver merchandise, leaving them additional free time to spend with their families.

Another reason to opt for being a Wine Consultant with the Traveling Vineyard is that their heavenly wines are affordable, generally under $25 a bottle. Since demonstration participants have already had a sample, and learned about the wine and which foods to marry it with, the wines practically sell themselves. Finally, it is a cinch to entice friends and family to buy wine if they are wine drinkers or host a tasting themselves.

With an A+ BBB rating and a member of the Direct Selling Association, the Traveling Vineyard offers a genuine chance for a home-based business for ambitious men and women who either need extra cash or individuals who are looking for a new career where they will enjoy themselves while working.


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