Doe Deere: The Woman Behind Lime Crime Cosmetics

The unicorn queen, Doe Deere, founded the popular cosmetic company ‘Lime Crime’ in 2008. Originally born in Russia and raised in New York City, even as a young girl she always had a passion for creating. Before she became a successful business owner, Doe Deere’s, first passion was music. She played in a band with her now husband and business partner for awhile and then moved on to her love for makeup.


Bright colors were her favorite kind of makeup. Unfortunately, bright makeup wasn’t so popular and really hard to find. For that reason, she decided to take it upon herself to create them and soon enough ‘Lime Crime’ was born. Today, Lime Crime has a following of 2.6 million on Instagram. The company gained great attention because other girls, to her surprise, were interested in those bright and unusual colors. Her customers also love that her makeup is animal cruelty-free, a huge plus! She gives them the nickname “unicorns” because, just like her, they were born different and aren’t ashamed of it.


Being a business woman wasn’t always easy for Doe. She dealt with discouragement from others and setbacks in the company. She was once told that it would be impossible to sell makeup online because women wanted to try it on before buying. Well, She definitely proved her critics wrong. Later, back in 2014, her company’s website was hacked of some customers information. Though it wasn’t her fault, she took responsibility and worked to gain back the trust of her customers.


Doe is a brilliant example of a person that goes after their dreams and sticks with her vision even when things go wrong. She’s become a role model and inspiration to young female entrepreneurs. She was recognized on the self-made magazine alongside with Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. In her words, quoted from galoremag, “I love what I do and It feels good to be recognized”.


To learn more about Doe Deere and Lime Crime, visit where you can find information on Lime Crime and also find Doe Deere’s social media accounts to connect with her.

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