The Advantages Of Selecting The Traveling Vineyard As A Direct Selling Business

The Traveling Vineyard’s business model is similar to other direct selling companies in that men and women have the opportunity to demonstrate and then sell products at an in-home demonstration, however, there are differences that distinguish the Traveling Vineyard as as a superior option.

First, Wine Guides for the Traveling Vineyard don’t have to store inventory, they only need a tasting kit needed for in-home tasting parties. In the beginning, consultants buy a Success Kit, which contains everything for two demonstrations, including ten bottles of wine, tasting glasses, a Sommology Kit and a carrier, however, except for tasting bottles, Wine Guides do not stock inventory. Secondly, independent consultants for the Traveling Vineyard do not have to deliver wine purchases to their customers, the company handles the shipping. Unlike with other direct selling products, Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides do not have to spend time arranging to deliver merchandise, leaving them additional free time to spend with their families.

Another reason to opt for being a Wine Consultant with the Traveling Vineyard is that their heavenly wines are affordable, generally under $25 a bottle. Since demonstration participants have already had a sample, and learned about the wine and which foods to marry it with, the wines practically sell themselves. Finally, it is a cinch to entice friends and family to buy wine if they are wine drinkers or host a tasting themselves.

With an A+ BBB rating and a member of the Direct Selling Association, the Traveling Vineyard offers a genuine chance for a home-based business for ambitious men and women who either need extra cash or individuals who are looking for a new career where they will enjoy themselves while working.


Securus Technologies Provides Accurate Information after GTL Inaccuracies

Securus Technologies is among the companies that lead in the provision of technological solutions for public safety, corrections, investigation, and monitoring. Securus Technologies released several correction statements to various press releases that were made public by Global Tel Link. Securus Technologies terms the publication of the Global Tel Link’s as inaccurate and misleading. Securus Technologies’ press release aims at providing clarification and correcting information on several Global Tel Link’s claims.


The GTL stated that the decision made by the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board on GTL’s US patent No. 7,256, 816 gives permission GTL to go ahead with a fourth validated patent to pursue injunctions and damages against Securus in awaiting violation lawsuits in Texas federal court. On the other hand, Securus corrects this claim made by GTL by stating that GTL will not be in a position to pursue claims that they have stated because of the case in Texas in currently stayed, instead they will now move ahead to the District court. In regards to the 816 patent as well as the other patent Securus is moving for the hearing, patent No. 816 has neither been accepted nor GTL is in a position to seek damages or injunction that it has claimed.


Consequently GTL made claims that the PTAB approved all 55 claims of the 816 patent that seeks to protect the GTL video visitation monitoring technology a crucial security characteristic that gives corrections employees to monitor video visitation between the inmates and their friends and family members and a technology that is required in all U.S. jails and prisons that make use of the video visitation technology. These claims made by GTL are totally inaccurate, this is because GTL is only asserting a single independent claim and a bigger number of dependent 816 patent’s claims in its lawsuit with Securus. Securus Technologies is assertive on the fact that it doesn’t apply claimed fundamental security feature revealed by that one independent claim.

Doe Deere: The Woman Behind Lime Crime Cosmetics

The unicorn queen, Doe Deere, founded the popular cosmetic company ‘Lime Crime’ in 2008. Originally born in Russia and raised in New York City, even as a young girl she always had a passion for creating. Before she became a successful business owner, Doe Deere’s, first passion was music. She played in a band with her now husband and business partner for awhile and then moved on to her love for makeup.


Bright colors were her favorite kind of makeup. Unfortunately, bright makeup wasn’t so popular and really hard to find. For that reason, she decided to take it upon herself to create them and soon enough ‘Lime Crime’ was born. Today, Lime Crime has a following of 2.6 million on Instagram. The company gained great attention because other girls, to her surprise, were interested in those bright and unusual colors. Her customers also love that her makeup is animal cruelty-free, a huge plus! She gives them the nickname “unicorns” because, just like her, they were born different and aren’t ashamed of it.


Being a business woman wasn’t always easy for Doe. She dealt with discouragement from others and setbacks in the company. She was once told that it would be impossible to sell makeup online because women wanted to try it on before buying. Well, She definitely proved her critics wrong. Later, back in 2014, her company’s website was hacked of some customers information. Though it wasn’t her fault, she took responsibility and worked to gain back the trust of her customers.


Doe is a brilliant example of a person that goes after their dreams and sticks with her vision even when things go wrong. She’s become a role model and inspiration to young female entrepreneurs. She was recognized on the self-made magazine alongside with Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. In her words, quoted from galoremag, “I love what I do and It feels good to be recognized”.


To learn more about Doe Deere and Lime Crime, visit where you can find information on Lime Crime and also find Doe Deere’s social media accounts to connect with her.

Cotemar’s success journey and the values embraced

Cotemar is a Mexican company founded in the year 1979 to serve the energy sector. Cotemar has apparently grown through the years diligently providing offshore services to the oil and gas industry. These services include the development of offshore oil fields, maintenance and construction services, catering and accommodation as well as transportation of both personnel and other specialized vessels.

By the year 1981, Cotemar was leading in the provision of their services within their two lines of operations, catering, and accommodation as well as exclusive vessel delivery on It is in this year that they added to the fleet a specialized vessel to transport personnel and other materials. Later, after seven years of operations, Cotemar acquired its first rig that allowed them to offer food as well as accommodation of high-quality standards. They also increased their market share through expanding and strengthening their capacity for better provision of their services on five rigs and three vessels simultaneously rather than the single rig utilized in the year 1981 at

Cotemar’s continuous growth did not stop there because, by the year 2002, Hibernia had arrived and in 2012 they began constructing two semi-submersible rigs together with COSCO and from here a highly specialized crane and a maintenance vessel were added to the fleet as well. They targeted to transport more solid and liquid materials on, and by the end of the following year, they had started the construction of Atlantis. The completion of the two semi-submersible rigs saw Cotemar land on new business opportunities.

In 2016, Cotemar sector won an enormous contract in Cuichapa Poniente, Moloacan municipality in Mexico. This contract was awarded to the company for their participation during the third stage of Round 1 tender as headed by National Commission of Hydrocarbons.

Cotemar thrives on delivering their mission by applying efficient processes, implementation of high technology as well hiring success oriented personnel. They as well have the vision to attain sustainability through undertaking new opportunities that arise in the oils and gas industry as well as involvement in innovative production processes.

Cotemar observes some values that have helped them to sustain a good reputation and remain competitive in the industry. Among the few include integrity where they ensure honesty and consistency are observed inside and outside the company’s environment. They also uphold humility at all time because it helps them keep a positive attitude throughout the organization. Cotemar is always reliable as they remain focused to fulfill their commitments and satisfy their customer needs. Innovation is among their strongest values because it is what brings about growth and greater value to their clients and organization at large.