Martin Lustgarten Invests Despite Hard Times

Martin Lustgarten is an international businessman and investor based in Ponte Vedra Beach in South Florida. He has dual citizenship in Venezuela and Austria and resides in the United States. This enables him to make connections around the world, benefiting the investors and clients.

Since the Great Recession of 2008-2009, the economy of the United States and most of the rest of the world has recovered. However, in Venezuela the economy has gone downhill. Some place blame on the past administration and policies of the late Hugo Chavez. Some blame the current president Nicolas Maduro. Others point the finger at the United States and its allies in the Organization for American States. No doubt the huge drop in the price of oil since 2014 has increased the problem because oil is Venezuela’s biggest and most important export. It has buoyed that country’s economy for decades.

With the supply of U.S. dollars dramatically cut by the fall in the price of crude oil, Venezuela’s people have suffered from shortages of food, electricity and the most basic supplies. They have a hard time finding anything to buy with their own currency, the bolivar, so they seek out U.S. dollars.

By spreading his money between different countries, Lustgarten cuts his risk. Right now, everybody would consider the United States the better country to invest in. However, someday the people of Venezuela will stop the political chaos and economic collapse. Someday they will again become a developing country determined to return to stability and law and order. They will grow their economy. Nobody can predict the price of oil in the future, but many countries still depend on it, and will for years. That is true even as technology develops alternative energy sources.

Lustgarten is poised to play a major role in Venezuela. By helping to increase their supply of U.S. dollars, he is helping the people to survive the current crisis. And he could profit in the long term. As an intelligent and hardworking investment banker, Lustgarten stays on top of the trends. Diversification is the best way to protect his wealth. It spreads the risk out so a disaster in one country does not destroy his entire portfolio.

Helane Morrison – A True Leader In the Corporate Industry

The financial industry is a multifaceted world where economic anomalies can easily occur without the awareness of the government representatives who are supposed to stop them. However, the lawbreakers’ intelligence fail in comparison to that of Helane Morrison’s, a female compliance officer who has made a name for herself when she worked for the United States Security and Exchange Commission’s office in San Francisco from 1999 to 2007.


Life Before SEC


Helane Morrison became a law clerk for the Court of Appeals during her practice. After that, she entered the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin law firm in 1986. The duration of her career in this company has prepared her for the work as a civil servant.


Accomplishments As An SEC Leader


Her time in the SEC is highly valuable, for these are the years in which corporations have needed extreme protection from the financial crisis that has resulted from tall corruption rates and fraud committed in the commercial industries. With Helane at the helm of the institution, she has provided legal assistance to various companies and entrepreneurs in order to make sure that deception will not be included in the business transactions.


Other than that, Morrison fronted investigations regarding the chief executives of some of the bigwigs in the corporate world, such as HBO and Co., Google, and Hewlett Packard, among others. There have been exposés as well about a fraudulent official of Ernst and Young, and corrupt insurance agency American Amicable that swindled more than 50,000 folks from the military. These individuals are known as the untouchables in the US because of their high-profile status, yet it has never deterred Helane from doing what is morally and legally right.


The woman’s diligence in combatting corruption has not been left unrecognized by the institution she has dedicated herself to. In between the years mentioned above, Morrison has been appointed as the Head of Commission and Regional Director – a role that has only been available for male compliance officers before she entered the office. The new position expanded the scope of her work, and later on she handled fraud cases and prosecutions in North Carolina and five other states in the northwestern region of the country.


The fact that she is the first woman to hold such a prominent title in the American history, nevertheless, has made her realize that the financial industry is deprived of female leaders. This led her to leave the SEC and join Hall Capital Partners, LLC, a law firm in which she currently serves as the Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director, and General Counsel.


Don Ressler Has Success

Have you ever wanted to succeed at a high level in business? If so, you need to make sure you have a plan in place to do so. A lot of people today are worried about the future for a variety of reasons. As automation continues to take people’s jobs, some are fleeing to being their own boss. Running your own business is a lot of hard work, and you need to be prepared for a lot of long days. Don Ressler has done a great job in this area, and he is helping as many people as possible get to the next level. If you want to start having success with business, he is a great person to learn from. As the founder and CEO of JustFab, Ressler has the track record you need to get ahead.

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Don Ressler

How do you start a successful business? First of all, you have to have the passion required to get ahead. A lot of people are worried about what the future holds in many areas. However, you need to make sure you are prepared for the long haul that is ahead. Don Ressler knows what it is like to try and get a new company off the ground. For a lot of people, it is simply too much work. Don Ressler knew from an early age that he wanted to go out on his own, no matter how difficult it might be. This commitment has served him well in recent years, and Ressler is no reaping the rewards of his labor.


One area that many business owners struggle in is with their taxes. If you want to start investing for the future, you need to make sure you have everything ready for your taxes. Few people are experts on tax law  and a lot of small business owners get hurt by not having their taxes paid throughout the year. If you live in the United States, you are required by law to pay quarterly taxes. A lot of people do not realize this and then they get a large tax bill at the end of the year. To avoid this, start to plan ahead for all of your potential tax issues.

Overall, running a small business is no easy task. You need to have a plan in place to grow your company and the work ethic to follow through over time.


Fashion And Technology Combine

The boom box became popular in the 1970’s, and was adaptable for both radio and cassettes. With two cassette decks, music could be played on one, while the second could be used for recording. By the 1980’s, boom boxes had become such a poplar item, they were often seen in movies. Later on in the 1990’s, the Walkman replaced the boom box in popularity due to its much smaller size. Approximately ten years later, the iPod replaced the Walkman due to an even smaller size and newer technology.

Today, it is about the combination of fashion and technology. Fashion designers are using technology as an integral part of their designs. Anouk Wipprecht has taken this to a new level. Her designs include a dress capable of making drinks, and another that is actually self painting.

Other designers are using technology to assist us in everyday life. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have designed a type of helmet for bike riders. This is placed about the neck, and in case of an accident, contains an airbag. This also provides better visibility than a standard helmet.

Frontline gloves have been designed by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon. These gloves allow firefighters to receive critical information with a simple movement of their hands. These gloves give them the information they need to do their jobs properly.

Even recycling is taking a place with designers. SegraSegra has used pieces of bicycles to create her fashions. While Emma Whiteside has designed an amazing gown using recycled parts from radiators.

The benefits of combining fashion with technology are almost endless. From energy to watches, shoes and electronic gadgets, the popularity of these items can be overwhelming. Even the “stigma” of eyeglasses can be overcome with the use of technology.

Christopher Burch was born in 1953, in Pennsylvania. He married a designer of fashion named Tory Robinson in 1996, and they had three children, all sons. Burch teamed up with several architects in 2004 and they created a gorgeous resort in Buenos Aires. In the same year, his wife released her own label for her fashions.

Burch created Burch Creative Capital along with Tory Burch, and became the companies COE. This is primarily an investment firm, and is located in New York City. In 2012, Burch ( hit billionaire status and was featured in Forbes.